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DspRunType Class Reference

Dynamically typed variable. More...

#include <DspRunType.h>

Public Member Functions

template<typename ValueType >
 DspRunType (ValueType const &value)
 DspRunType (DspRunType const &other)
DspRunTypeMoveTo (DspRunType &rhs)
void CopyFrom (DspRunType const &rhs)
template<typename ValueType >
DspRunTypeoperator= (ValueType const &rhs)
DspRunTypeoperator= (DspRunType rhs)
bool IsEmpty () const
std::type_info const & GetType () const

Static Public Member Functions

template<typename ValueType >
static ValueType * RunTypeCast (DspRunType *operand)
template<typename ValueType >
static ValueType const * RunTypeCast (DspRunType const *operand)

Detailed Description

Dynamically typed variable.

DspRunType holds a variable that can be dynamically typed at run-time (hence the name). The DspRunType class makes use of an internal template class and public template methods to allow users to get and set the contained variable as any type they wish. A DspRunType object also has the ability to change type at any point during program execution. Built-in typecasting and error checking (via the RunTypeCast() method) prevents critical runtime errors from occurring when signal types are mismatched.

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