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DspPluginLoader Class Reference

Plugin loader for DspPlugin host applications. More...

#include <DspPluginLoader.h>

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Public Member Functions

 DspPluginLoader (std::string const &pluginPath)
 DspPluginLoader (DspPluginLoader const &other)
DspPluginLoaderoperator= (const DspPluginLoader &other)
bool IsLoaded () const
std::map< std::string, DspParameterGetCreateParams () const
DspComponentCreate (std::map< std::string, DspParameter > &params) const

Detailed Description

Plugin loader for DspPlugin host applications.

A DspComponent packaged into a shared library (.so / .dylib / .dll) and exported via the DspPlugin class can be dynamically loaded from a DSPatch application at runtime using a DspPluginLoader. A DspPluginLoader represents exactly one DspPlugin in a host application.

A DspPluginLoader should be constructed with the absolute path of the plugin (shared library) to be loaded. Once instantiated you should check that the plugin was successfully loaded by calling IsLoaded(). Thereafter, the contained DspComponent can be instantiated via the GetCreateParams() and Create() methods accordingly (For more detail on the structure of a plugin, see DspPlugin).

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