DSPatch  v.7.0.1
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DSPatch::SignalBus Class Referencefinal

Signal container. More...

#include <SignalBus.h>

Public Member Functions

 DEFINE_PTRS (SignalBus)
 SignalBus (SignalBus &&)
void SetSignalCount (int signalCount)
int GetSignalCount () const
Signal::SPtr const & GetSignal (int signalIndex) const
bool HasValue (int signalIndex) const
template<class ValueType >
ValueType * GetValue (int signalIndex) const
template<class ValueType >
bool SetValue (int signalIndex, ValueType const &newValue)
bool CopySignal (int toSignalIndex, Signal::SPtr const &fromSignal)
bool MoveSignal (int toSignalIndex, Signal::SPtr const &fromSignal)
void ClearAllValues ()
std::type_info const & GetType (int signalIndex) const

Detailed Description

Signal container.

A SignalBus contains Signals (see Signal). Via the Process_() method, a Component receives signals into it's "inputs" SignalBus and provides signals to it's "outputs" SignalBus. The SignalBus class provides public getters and setters for manipulating it's internal Signal values directly, abstracting the need to retrieve and interface with the contained Signals themself.

Definition at line 76 of file SignalBus.h.

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