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DSPatch::Circuit Class Referencefinal

Workspace for adding and routing components. More...

#include <Circuit.h>

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Public Member Functions

 DEFINE_PTRS (Circuit)
 Circuit (int threadCount=0)
virtual void PauseAutoTick () override
void SetInputCount (int inputCount)
void SetOutputCount (int outputCount)
void SetThreadCount (int threadCount)
int GetThreadCount () const
int AddComponent (Component::SPtr const &component)
void RemoveComponent (Component::SCPtr const &component)
void RemoveComponent (int component)
void RemoveAllComponents ()
int GetComponentCount () const
bool ConnectOutToIn (Component::SCPtr const &fromComponent, int fromOutput, Component::SCPtr const &toComponent, int toInput)
bool ConnectOutToIn (Component::SCPtr const &fromComponent, int fromOutput, int toComponent, int toInput)
bool ConnectOutToIn (int fromComponent, int fromOutput, Component::SCPtr const &toComponent, int toInput)
bool ConnectOutToIn (int fromComponent, int fromOutput, int toComponent, int toInput)
bool ConnectInToIn (int fromInput, Component::SCPtr const &toComponent, int toInput)
bool ConnectInToIn (int fromInput, int toComponent, int toInput)
bool ConnectOutToOut (Component::SCPtr const &fromComponent, int fromOutput, int toOutput)
bool ConnectOutToOut (int fromComponent, int fromOutput, int toOutput)
void DisconnectComponent (Component::SCPtr const &component)
void DisconnectComponent (int componentIndex)
- Public Member Functions inherited from DSPatch::Component
 NONCOPYABLE (Component)
 DEFINE_PTRS (Component)
void Tick ()
void Reset ()
virtual void StartAutoTick ()
virtual void StopAutoTick ()
virtual void ResumeAutoTick ()
bool ConnectInput (Component::SPtr const &fromComponent, int fromOutput, int toInput)
void DisconnectInput (int inputNo)
void DisconnectInput (Component::SCPtr const &fromComponent)
void DisconnectAllInputs ()
int GetInputCount () const
int GetOutputCount () const
std::string GetInputName (int inputNo) const
std::string GetOutputName (int outputNo) const

Protected Member Functions

virtual void Process_ (SignalBus const &inputs, SignalBus &outputs) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from DSPatch::Component
void SetInputCount_ (int inputCount, std::vector< std::string > const &inputNames={})
void SetOutputCount_ (int outputCount, std::vector< std::string > const &outputNames={})

Detailed Description

Workspace for adding and routing components.

Components can be added to a Circuit and routed to and from other Components. ConnectOutToIn and DisconnectOutToIn provide a means of routing component outputs to other component inputs, while ConnectInToIn / DisconnectInToIn and ConnectOutToOut / DisconnectOutToOut route the circuit's IO signals to and from it's internal components.

N.B. Each component input can only accept one wire at a time. When a wire is connected to an input that already has a connected wire, that wire is replaced with the new one. One output, on the other hand, can be distributed to multiple inputs.

For process intensive circuits, multi-threaded processing can be enabled via the SetThreadCount() method. The Circuit class allows the user to specify the number of threads in which he/she requires the circuit to process (0 threads: multi-threading disabled). A circuit's thread count can be adjusted at runtime, allowing the user to increase / decrease the number of threads as required during execution.

Circuit is derived from Component and therefore inherits all Component behavior. This means that a Circuit can be added to, and routed within another Circuit as a component. This also means a circuit object needs to be Tick()ed and Reset()ed as a component (see Component). The Circuit Process_() method simply runs through it's internal array of components and calls each component's Tick() and Reset() methods.

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