DSPatch  v.3.00
C++ Cross-Platform, Object-Oriented, Flow-Based Programming Library
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 CDSPatchSystem-wide DSPatch functionality
 CDspCircuitWorkspace for adding and routing components
 CDspCircuitThreadThread class for ticking and reseting circuit components
 CDspComponentAbstract base class for all DSPatch components
 CDspComponentThreadThread class for ticking and reseting a single component
 CDspMutexCross-platform, object-oriented mutex
 CDspParameterValue container used to hold non-transient component IO
 CDspPluginAbstract base class for DspComponent plugins
 CDspPluginLoaderPlugin loader for DspPlugin host applications
 CDspRunTypeDynamically typed variable
 CDspSignalValue container used to carry data between components
 CDspSignalBusDspSignal container
 CDspThreadCross-platform, object-oriented thread
 CDspWaitConditionCross-platform, object-oriented conditional wait
 CDspWireConnection between two components
 CDspWireBusDspWire container